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Get Creative with Your SlideDeck

Did you know your SlideDeck content slider can handle all types of content? It's true. Sure, text and images work great, but SlideDeck is also adept at handling interactive elements too. So get creative, add ...

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How to Build Visitor Confidence with SlideDeck

Every single one of the visitors to your website has a question or two they need answered before they seriously consider committing to you. Whether you want them to sign up, download, or buy, they ...

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Making the Most of SlideDeck with Vertical Slides – Part 1

In the first Survival Guide post we showed you how to tell your story and build the perfect SlideDeck. In this post we'll show you how to use vertical slides to win over visitors who ...

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How To Design The Perfect SlideDeck – A Step-by-Step Guide

SlideDeck is designed to help you tell a powerful, engaging story that connects with visitors and compels them to take the actions you want. Whether you're selling a product or service, SlideDeck lets you clearly ...

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How to Build a Conference Website with a Web Slider

Conference websites are a challenging undertaking. How do you successfully communicate your event theme, experience and speakers while selling the venue out? The key is simplicity. This post will show you how to use a ...

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How to Get 3x Leads With a Case Study Web Slider

So you have a stellar client list, but let's be honest, anyone can add a logo pond to their site. If you want to convert more of your visitors into leads, you need to be ...

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How a Non-Profit Increased User Engagement with Facebook API and CSS3

The following is a guest post by Joel Glovier, web designer for the non-profit, CURE International. If you are involved in a Non-Profit, I can assume that a lot of your time is dedicated to ...

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SlideDeck and IE6, the best way to handle this antiquated browser

As you all may know SlideDeck does not support IE6. We've gotten the question over and over, Why don't you support this browser, a lot of people in business still use it because they have ...

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Hey guys, we've received a lot of requests about how we did some of the things we did on the SlideDeck that sits on the home page of, namely the custom navigation for the ...

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Using SlideDeck with a Modal or Lightbox

SlideDecks are a great way to show off a lot of information without taking up too much space, but what do you do when space is extremely limited? A modal or Lightbox might be the ...

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The SlideDeck Survival Guide

We realized that we haven't given you guys much guidance on the tao of making kick ass SlideDecks. We've accidientally kept all the secrets to ourselves. So we put together a SlideDeck Survival Guide to ...

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SlideDeck Freebies – 3 Great SlideDeck jQuery Examples

One of our core beliefs is that "Design Makes A Difference." I am pleased to present a goodie basket of sliders designed by the SlideDeck team. We are aware that not everyone is code savvy; ...

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3 Steps To Design Your Own SlideDeck Skin

As mentioned in past posts, SlideDeck now has full skin support in both the JavaScript and WordPress library and we've seen some great results from the community. Creating a new skin for your SlideDeck does require a little knowledge of CSS, but now its easier than ever to make some great looking SlideDecks!

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Slide URLs: How to Link to a Specific Slide

Linking users to a SlideDeck is common, but what if slide 1 is not what you want the user to see first? Imagine that you would like to view slide 3 when the page loads ...

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Extending SlideDeck – Part 2: Remembering The Current Slide

SlideDeck is a great tool for showing progress through a process. If your visitor abandons your SlideDeck halfway through (hey, it happens) you might want to remember where they left off. That way you can ...

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Extending SlideDeck – Part 1: Controlling The Deck

SlideDeck is an awesome tool for displaying information on a web page, but there are times when you might want to exercise additional control over your deck. Our lead developer Dave has done a great ...

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