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What type of coding skills do I need to code?

What type of coding skills do I need to use SlideDeck?

SlideDeck is meant to be very simple to implement. The amount of coding skills required to create a SlideDeck on your website may vary from little to advanced depending on how creative and clever you want to be with your use of SlideDeck. Below is a short list of a few common scenarios:

  • I just want a SlideDeck on my website
    This is very easy to do requiring minimal HTML and JavaScript knowledge. We offer a few example files for SlideDeck that you can copy and paste into your website and start modifying. We have also fully documented all the configuration options available for customizing how users interact with your SlideDeck. Check out our installation guide as well on how to get started.
  • I want a SlideDeck like the one on OpenCandy or Crazy Egg for my website
    These are some great custom SlideDecks created by the community and by our development team here. Setting up the basic vertical interaction is simple with SlideDeck, but the visual appearance and design implementation will take some pretty good CSS skills.

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